Welcome to the front entrance at the Ripon Project. This is a work in progress. we have started to get the windows installed. The storm door is new too. Right now in the beginning stage and getting the frame built for the windows.

The Ripon Project

The Ripon Project


Inner Front Entrance
Outer Front Porch and Entrance
Building the front window wall.
A look at the framing.

We begin working on this and giving it a little paint to start with a clean slate. We are trying out shades of red to go on the trim.

Designers Tip

* If you have a front porch that is not enclosed and has a strong foundation you can convert it into a front room by stripping off the area and start from scratch. Don't expect to see the big picture all in one day. Just go step by step and clean up in between each step so you can visualize the new area and start to build your dream.

* If you have a house that has big tall windows that have to be replaced you can get a shorter window from Menards or Home Depot and install it yourself. Find a stainedglass window to put above it and now you have the top part of your windows that have the stained glass with the sunlight streaming through them and some blinds below that you can easily open up during the day to let the sun shine in. Of course you will have to build the frame that holds the stainedglass and that becomes part of the frame for the new window.

We will look at the front porch that had no windows or walls when we started and reveal some easy ways to DIY (Do It Yourself) remodeling and renovating.

New Doors!

A storm door and a nice secure door we got from Menards for around $200 to $300 and the 11% off rebate gives you a good reason to send in for the rebate.

We installed the Nest Yale door lock that has a touch keypad and a code for keyless entry. This also gives us the capability to control the door locks the Nest App on our phones.

New Front Door
A door and storm door to enclose the porch.

New Day New Doors

Now that we have built the walls and installed the windows, stained glass and the anti glare glass, insulation, OSB and, on the back wall "Smoked Steel" Dumawall. We need to put the cedar siding on the outside. Now we have a warm front porch with an added layer of security. The Nest Doorbell is there to look at what is going on outside the door. The mail is now delivered through a mail slot on the left of the door. The mailman likes this much better, since the mailbox was up on the porch and required stair climbing and door opening in order to deliver the mail.

OSB for the walls.
Video Games out here.

The Ripon Project

The Ripon Project Highlights

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